Advocate Ashok Menon

Legal ethics may be taken to mean the body of rules and practice which determine the professional conduct of the members of bar. The main object of legal ethics has well been explained by the chief justice Marshall-"The fundamental aim of Legal ethics is to maintain the honour and dignity of the Law profession, to secure a spirit of friendly cooperation between the Bench and the Bar in the promotion of highest standards of justice, to establish honorable and fair dealings of the counsel with his client, opponent and witnesses, to establish a spirit of brother-hood in the bar itself and to secure that lawyers discharge their responsibilities to the community generally.

Advocate must have

Good command over the language, good voice, good power of expression, good knowledge of the law, good common sense, good presence of mind and good health all help a lawyer to become a successful lawyer. In addition, the control over the temper is also necessary for becoming a popular and successful lawyer.